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What Web Listings Inc does for clients

Here's a look at what Web Listings Inc does for its clients, helping them optimize, promote and 'sell' their websites...Web Listings submits client website URL to twenty search engines with up to 8 keywords or key phrases. Whenever a website is submitted to search engines, the respective client would receive the first ranking report via email. This report would also be viewable online and would show the position of the website in the search engines, with keyword specifications and all, as required and specified by the client. Then, as work progresses, the client would receive quarterly reports showing the website ranking and these reports can then be used by the client to attract new customers.

The major search engines where client websites are submitted include Google, Aol, ExactSeek, Cipinet, Netscape Search, Alexa, ScrubTheWeb, InfoTiger, Kazazz, Jayde, Searchsight and Amfibi. 

The over-all advantage of all this is that the clients get to do big business. Getting a website listed with the search engines is like having a company's business listed in the Yellow Pages. Web Listings Inc.  helps clients understand their real-time positioning on search engines.